Selected Poetry


This is the space between worlds

The place without rules

It is my place, but not my possession

Here there are no questions, only being


Golden fields stretch for as far as you can cast your gaze

Framed by a copse of ancient trees: alder, oak and ash

Behind me, a brook whispers in a crystal voice

Pure and bright, it speaks only to me


The sun that shines down upon my face does not dazzle or blind

Although the sapphire sky is clear and cloudless

Nothing here could ever hurt

In this otherworld, where frantic purpose turns to timeless peace


How quickly do we forget that time is not the only healer.

The Five Elements

Fragment I: Earth


Patience. I unfurled slowly like roots beneath the ground

Solid rock and earth is all I knew

As I crept upwards, breaking the soil's skin with cold dry fingers

To join the pantheon of creatures: boar, stag, and bear

Earning my place through toil


But although the season has passed to Autumn

And all growth has ceased

I persist

Look around you, as I do

The wood, the stone, the earth

And know that God still lives and breathes

In stillness as in noise



Fragment II: Water


Looking out to the West, my eyes reach far in search of new horizons

Imagine: these cold torrents replaced by the sapphire waters

Of endless oceans

To nurture my wandering heart


I crave the depths, the smell of sea air

Even the icy chill of saltwater cannot bend my will


A path set out before me, a glimpse of eternity

Poseidon's mysteries know no bounds

Neither shall my cup ever overflow



Fragment III: Fire


Past and present immolate in the flames of change

Bursting forth from me, a dragon's roar

Raise your sword and spark rebellion

Wait no more; the time has come


Heat that once burned within

Alights for all to see

Rage let loose, lay waste to all before

If only to see what remains

When the inferno is at long last sated. In suffering lies truth

Sifting through the blackened cinders

You will find what you seek



Fragment IV: Air


Wings held aloft in the stratosphere, I had let my ballast fall

And drifted slowly, at the whim of the wind

Continents pass below

Each one a possibility, a choice in the endless diorama

A new story with each fresh view


I could not bring myself to linger

For long

My path lies above, not below

For beyond the clouds lie the Sun, stars and planets

Let the world act out its ceaseless play

I am alone, as I always wished to be



Fragment V: Aether


In the blackness; far from Earth, far from Man

Is where I find my soul

The Universe at long, long last extends its age-old hand

All knowledge is innate, all seasons one

Within and without, blurred beyond distinction

It is the last change

And it is good


The pole star no longer points the way

No horizon beckons from far beyond

Rending my heart with fear and desire

For I am everywhere


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