A short biography

Michael Burnett was born in August 1987, and grew up in Birmingham, England. He spent three years in West Africa between the ages of seven and ten, living with his parents and three siblings in Burkina Faso and attending boarding school in the neighbouring country, Cote D'Ivoire. He currently works as a third sector bid writer, raising money for small charities supporting vulnerable individuals both in England and Kenya.

Perhaps inspired by the difficult but honest lives of the subsistence farmers of Burkina Faso, Michael began to show an interest in the complex relationship between human beings and the natural world as a teenager. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Landscape Management at Manchester University in 2009, returning to academia to study Zero Carbon Architecture at Birmingham City University at postgraduate level in 2013.


By then, Michael had been writing short stories and poetry for three years, this early body of work tending towards the bleak, the surreal, and the obliquely philosophical. In 2010, two such pieces appeared in the short-lived but eclectic journal The Newhaven Journeyman, and these are available to read on this site, along with a small selection of poems and flash fiction. Since then, an ever-greater amount of light has worked its way into Michael's narratives, with the themes of hope, catharsis and transformation becoming central to his style.


In November 2019, Michael's short story An Island of Water appeared in 'Between These Shores' literary magazine, and it is his hope that it will be the first of many. Michael has recently completed his debut novel, The Undercurrent, which is a thriller set in the present which explores the subject of eco-activism amidst the unfolding climate crisis. The Undercurrent is due to be released on the 1st July 2020 via Melting Tundra Publishing: www.meltingtundra.com.


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