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“We don’t know if anything we do is going to make a difference in the end. But the end isn’t the only thing that matters. What we do now, matters now.”

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Seventeen-year-old Curtis Knight is the son of a wealthy casino owner, unhappy with his luxurious but empty existence and desperate to find some purpose to his life. But after a chance meeting with Yulia Sokolova, the daughter of a maverick oil baron with plans to exploit the untouched wealth trapped below the Arctic Ocean, his world is transformed almost beyond recognition.


Under the pretence of an adolescent experiment, Yulia introduces Curtis to the Saccoglossans pyasinskii, a sea slug with the extraordinary ability to share memories. Assaulted by terrifying visions of a dying ocean, Curtis is taken under the wing of a secretive eco-activist organisation, vowing to help them ensure that the Arctic oil fields remain undisturbed.


But as he is thrust deeper into a world of deadly violence and intrigue, Curtis must ultimately decide whether, in his quest to stop an environmental outrage, the ends truly justify the means.

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"​Extremely topical and relevant...The Undercurrent is a book that is thought-provoking and will challenge readers' perceptions."         

                                                       Kelly McFarland, CelebMix

"The Undercurrent is a beautifully sad novel...the plot has heartbreak, deception and lessons of inner growth alongside the environment [theme]. Burnett takes the harsh reality of climate change and fills it with drama, tension and a sense of adventure."

                                         - Amy Tunstall,

"The Undercurrent is a unique story. The writing is profound and poetic...the prominent man-versus-nature theme [takes] an unusual twist."

                      - Joanna McQueen, The Library of Imagination

"Intelligently written...Burnett's vivid descriptions of people and places are well-researched, and his action scenes are expertly crafted to draw you in and keep you on tenterhooks."

                                         - Farhana Alam, Goodreads Reviewer

"A fascinating hybrid: cli-fi, thriller, coming-of-age, David vs. Goliath...I couldn't put it down."


                                          - Jan McCarthy, Goodreads Reviewer

"Utterly brilliant, captivating from start to finish."

                                          - Julia Cadman, Goodreads Reviewer


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